As a result of my passion for fitness and good healthy lifestyle habits, I began to design in my expectation of being able to design special clothes, not only for my comfort but for all women who like me enjoy versatile and anatomical clothes created not only for sports but for daily use as well.

As a consumer I always felt the need to have sportswear that would help my figure to look better, but the most importantly when doing my physical activities they will not make my body feel loose and without any compression.

The mix of sport and fashion is not a trend but the reflection of a change in values ​​in a society that is increasingly committed to aspects such as health, recycling and ecology. Our mission is to provide our athletes safety comfort and good performance.

Not only do we want to promote the necessary and traditional technical and design innovation, but also to focus on a new way of understanding sports aesthetics, athleisure or union of aesthetics with leisure, generating a comfortable lifestyle to be worn at the gym for a run, to take a walk in the neighborhood, go shopping, be part of the house, believe yourself part of a certain community, seduce someone and, in some cases, even to go to work.

BE is divided into two categories, the first is sportswear that helps the athlete's physical performance and the second is comfortable clothing that can be used for gentle exercise or daily use.

We pay special attention to the materials we use for clothing, their properties and characteristics. It is not and will not be for us just a matter of "fashion" if not its adaptation - by design and materials. One of the most important aspects of our clothes is that they are breathable and light so as not to overload the athlete being able to transfer the sweat outwards away from the skin. Adjusted to favor their practice.
Mobility since they favor the movements of the athlete during her training.
Drying: fast-drying garments, both from outside moisture due to rain and from sweat.
Lightness: a required feature in sportswear is lightness, so as not to overload our costumers with unnecessary weight.
Aesthetics: given the notoriety that sport currently has in society, aesthetics is a fundamental factor when designing our collections we make the greatest effort to have them look attractive.